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What is this?

This page is a search engine. Enter a Reddit username and if they have ever published a cyrpto address you will see their funds.

You can try it out using my Reddit username: hoiru

Yes, everybody can see your cash.

Most cryptos are not anonymous. Pseudonymous is the word. If an address gets linked to any of your identities, everybody can see all your balances and all your transactions. And track them.

This page is like a search engine. Search for a Reddit user and see if they have any crypto address linked to their account.

Table of contents

Why this?

Most people think crypto is private, but it is not. Think about this:

I spent less than three days coding this platform's first version and I can track some people crypto finances on Reddit. Now think about a paid team working full time on tracking crypto addresses and transactions. On a public transparent ledger.

What can I do?

Use Monero.

Learn more: read this Reddit post (on Teddit)

What does this page do?

It simply scrapes all reddit comments from a user searching for crypto addresses. If any are found, the blockchain is explored in order to get the address balance.

All addresses found are linked to it's op/oc and saved on a local database. If you were scraped once, deleting your comment will not help. I'm sorry.

Javascript, really?

You don't need Javascript to use this page, as always.

This time I added a fancy loading to make the waiting a little less boring. Here is the only JS function on this page:

      function showLoading(){
        var loading = document.getElementById("loading");
        loading.style.display = "flex";

It changes a CSS class display setting so it is visible. The animation is made with pure CSS and there's nothing more. That's it.

If you disable JS, you will not see the loading screen. What a pitty.

[Read the code and learn more on Codeberg.]


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Contributions of any kind are very welcome. Suggestions, recommendations, corrections, ideas... Just open an issue or send me an email and I'll fix it as quick as I can. Also, note that I am alone with this project and my time is limited!


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